September 29, 2014

Discover Hollow Ground


Nearly all writers dream

of finding an agent and being

published; however, our up

close and personal meeting

with Natalie Harnett (SOTA '97) 

and her agent Kent Wolf

indicates that this is just the

beginning of the journey.

CFF had the pleasure of Natalie Harnett's company on Saturday, September 6, 2014 to discuss her debut The Hollow Ground (Check out CFF President, Ralph White's review for more information on the novel). CFF had a full house of members and writers from all over the Columbia community join in to learn from Natalie's struggle to become a published author.  Dedication and persistence were key to her success at every stage, even during the publishing process.


It's clear that all you need is one yes.  Once you hear yes, you'll be editing your work until it's published and building your platform for your future audience to discover your voice.

Were you there?  Share your experience and any insights you gained in the comments.

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