The Columbia Fiction Foundry is an official Shared Interest Group within the Columbia Alumni Association. Regardless of which Columbia school you attended, if you are serious about fiction writing, then you are welcome to join and contribute. 


Our newly-updated site includes a page for the Columbia Fiction Exchange and is meant to accommodate alumni writers who cannot participate in the group’s face-to-face gatherings, but still wish to critique others’ manuscripts and gain feedback on their own. This cybercommunity includes writers in other countries and other parts of the United States, writers who don’t need monthly input, and writers who are waiting to join the workshop gatherings. There may also be writers who simply prefer the anonymity of a cyber forum. Whatever your preference, the Columbia Fiction Foundry can offer you useful resources for improving your writing and helping you navigate the publishing business.


If you are interested in joining the Columbia Fiction Foundry’s in-person workshop meetings, please contact Richard at [email protected]. If you would like more information about participating in our Fiction Exchange cyber-community, please contact Rochana at: [email protected].