Officers for 2019-2021

Will Hughes, President 

Tania Moore, Vice-President

David Bender, Communications Director

Mike DeRosa, Board Member 

Steven B. Rosenfeld, Board Member

Margaret Winslow, Board Member

Minutes from the Columbia Fiction Foundry Annual Meeting 2019 

October 12, 2019

1) read 2018-19 Annual Report, 2) voted on and approved the roster of candidates for next fiscal year, including Will Hughes as President, Tania Moore as Vice President, and David Bender as Communications Director, and 3) voted on and approved our new official By-Laws document, updated to reflect the latest CAA standards. Everyone who responded to membership email soliciting votes before the annual meeting was in favor of both our new officer candidates and our new By-Laws.


Annual Report

2018-19 Columbia Fiction Foundry Annual Report

The Columbia Fiction Foundry had its tenth anniversary in 2019 and in doing so passed many new milestones. During our past fiscal year, we expanded our writing workshops to twenty sessions, with almost twenty new members participating in one or more of these. We also hosted five special events featuring a total of eight different guest speakers. Furthermore, we addressed the key challenges posed in our prior fiscal year’s annual report: 1) updating our official By-Laws document to conform to the latest CAA standard, 2) conducting a survey of past and present workshop participants for insight how to address their needs better, and 3) adding fresh, relevant content to our website.

More work remains to be done, though, and new challenges confront us as we move forward. We continue to have ambitions to support alumni outside the NYC area with online workshops as well as various social media resources. We also want to sustain and broaden our outreach through special events in upcoming months. Additional help will be required to support these various activities. Most of the Columbia Fiction Foundry’s current slate of officers are available to serve another term, but Richard Hensley will be unable to continue as our group’s president because he’s moving outside of the NYC area.

 Therefore, we are soliciting volunteers. If you are receptive to contributing a bit of your time and leadership for our next fiscal year, please contact one of our group’s current officers: Tania Moore, David Bender, Will Hughes, or Richard Hensley.

 Richard Hensley

CFF President




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