May 22, 2016

An evening with Folio Literary Agency


On May 18th, the Columbia Fiction Foundry hosted literary agents Erin Harris, Jeff Kleinman, and Dado Derviskadic, of Folio Literary Management, as part of the Foundry's "Distinguished Speakers" series.

In a fascinating 90-minute interview, Jeff, Erin and Dado talk about their work at one of the country's premier literary agencies and provided tips about what agents are seeking, whom to approach and when, and how to improve your query letters.

Watch the full replay of the entire event by clicking on the YouTube link above, which is also on the Fiction Foundry's YouTube channel.

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  • Onindo Banerjee
    commented 2016-12-11 14:49:16 -0500
    Facinating three Musketeers informative interview indeed. At I’ve noticed Erin Harris infos listed but not Jeff Kleinman or Dados Darviskadic. How or where can I find Jeff & Dado’s contacts as well to send my quiry letter?
    Hope to see you all three soon again on YouTube.
    Onindo/ Rooki writer.