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Shanan Essick Posted by on February 22, 2014

March submissions due by February 22, 2014 at 11:59pm.

Dear Fiction Foundry,
Rather than slogging through the chilling sleet and traversing the puddled corners of our slush-bound city, I hope you are all staying warm and using these snow days to prepare your next CFF submission.
I'm looking forward to facilitating our session on March 1.  Please send your submissions my way by Saturday, February 22nd. 
Please remember:
- no less than 2000 and no more than 5000 words in your submission (please be respectful of your colleagues on the submission guidelines);
- send your submissions in PDF format, double-spaced;
- number your pages so we can make references in our comments; and
- include your last name & the session month in your file name (e.g., White March). 
We'll also dedicate a few minutes to an update on the CFF website from Shanan Essick. 
I'll send out all submissions received and a line-up in a follow-up email on Sunday morning, February 23.
March 1, 10:15am - 1:30pm, our usual spot, the conference room of Columbia's Alumni Center at 622 W. 113th.  Be there, or be prematurely eulogized by Ben.
See you there,
by email