Meet Alumni Novelist Greer Hendricks

Greer.jpgThe Columbia Fiction Foundry is pleased to welcome back Greer Hendricks (JRN'94). When Greer visited last time she had just left Simon and Schuster, where she was an editor and Vice President. This time she comes as a debut novelist.  The Wife Between Us, co-authored with Sarah Pekkanen, is billed as a psychological thriller and it will be published on January 9. (The launch will be at the 86th Street Barnes and Noble and all are invited.) Below is Fiction Foundry Chairman, Ralph White's, review, based on an advance review copy.


The Wife Between Us

Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

St. Martin’s Press

Publication Date, January 9, 2018

For once the promotional hype is justified. The Wife Between Us is everything it claims: fiendishly clever, mind-bending, terrific and troubling, with masterful twists. It got that way by combining the natural gifts of its two authors. One, Sarah Pekkanen, is a past master of the genre, with seven novels to her credit, often featuring high achieving women with some serious unfinished business. The other, Greer Hendricks, discovered as a Vice President at Simon and Schuster exactly how big books get crafted.

Wife features Richard Thompson’s first and second wives, as well as his fiancée. The point of view character is Vanessa, the second of Richard’s wives, though that viewpoint evolves (as the reader’s must) as her awareness of her situation sharpens. Forgive the authors if the opening setup seems clichéd for it will not remain so for long. As is the often case in life, things are not as they seem. In Wife however illusion serves a higher purpose than concealing truth.

Once things start unraveling it will seem as though each chapter ends with yet another loose thread. Or course change. Or character metamorphosis. Frank Delaney used to call this feature of fiction “letting the geese out.” As the story winds to a close it may seem that Pekkanen and Hendricks collect more geese than they let out. It may not be an illusion. 

March 14, 2018 at 6pm - 7:30pm

622 West 113th Street, New York, NY


Ralph White


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